Saturday, April 17, 2010


"Leads ?"

17 April Saturday - Sorry for not updating for 2 days , the internet was down ><

I don't know what happened to the internet these few days , it started out as a minor break down for a while.Like the internet would lost its connection and then it would get back up.Later it gets worst , the whole internet went down never came back up for 2 days.Ever since I got that Aztech modem , my internet has been gone downhill.The internet cafe below my house has internet breakdowns too , my dad complained to my internet service company but to no avail.

This morning , I decided to see whats up.Guess what ? I changed my Aztech modem to the old broken one , the Belkin one.The internet came back up at once !!! Unbelievable , the Belkin modem was confirmed broken and cannot be used again.But now , the little modem still works like a charm.I had this kind of experience once , I got two Gameboys when I was little.The first one broke very badly , the second one was fine at first and then it broke because it fell down from my 5 storey condo.The game catridge inside the gameboy was fine and the save file was still intact.I placed the game catridge into my old one and it worked wonderfully !!!

Had any experience like this before ?

Friday , my school had lecturers from the University Of Leeds of England to come in order to present a little show for us.A guy name Rob who is a mathematician from the University presented us a short presentation of The Mathematics Of Chaos , it means the ability to predict the future or disasters.His goal was to increase the our interests in Mathematics and he did it !!! Mathematics are used in every aspect , most jobs need Mathematics so please do well in this subject.

After Rob completed his presentation , another woman lecturer , I forgot her name sorry >< She is a lecturer too but majored on Business Psychology.Her goal was also the same as Rob but different subjects.She was finding a volunteer to help in her experiment and I volunteered !!! A chance to talk with people from England XD.She was really nice to me , she instructed me on what to do.I was told to describe a diagram to the students while my back was facing them.I can't make eye contact and body languages for them.Only 3 got the diagram right >< .

The second part of the experiment was that I could face them this time but still the body languages were restricted.I could use eye contact and I could answer their questions about the diagram.I was describing it really bad but the lecturer told me that I doing great.The diagram was really hard to describe , its kinda like 4 rectangles but connecting in different ways to each other.The results of the experiment was that the second part of the experiment was much more effective than the first part of the experiment.The second part of the experiment was much more effective because they could ask me questions , we could get feedback to each other.

All of us got pens from the University of Leeds , I am happy that I have a pen all the way from England I think...I told my grandma about the experience and she was really worked up about it.She scolded me for talking to a foreign people.Why are people so racist ? Most asian parents are really secure about their kids talking to foreigners and especially Black people.This world is not judge by colour ok ?

Purple ?

Ops my pencil is broken , Rawr ?


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