Tuesday, April 13, 2010

End Of The Streak

"End Of The Streak Not Steak !!!"

13 April Tuesday - I wanna get me some steak :P

Today was one fun day , never thought Tuesday would be a really fun day.Usually , Tuesday would be boring and tiring but today was different.Maybe because there were a lot of things happened to me today.When I first got to school , I talked to some of my old classmates since I came to school earlier.We were talking about one guy in my class , I don't want to mention his name.He was a good student at first , a very likeable guy to me but a little bit annoying sometimes.Lately , he has been skipping school or ponteng just to play online games in Cyber Cafe.He skipped like about 16 days and got alot of warning letters , he got caught once but he kept on going.

But last week Friday or Saturday I forgot , my friend told me he got really busted that day.I don't want to speak much of him as talking bad behind people's back discomforts me.He does not want to face the fact that he is addicted.Video games are like drugs , you will get addicted to them.Luckily , his parents took responsibilities and quarantined his actions.

Now today my Sivik teacher taught us about troubles in our country.How could people throw their babies into trash cans ? Even if they are still teenagers , they can't just throw their baby into the pits of trash cans.At least send the baby to a temple or a hospital.Lately there are alot of cases regarding Kidnappings and Tortures , some dad even used his daughter as a sex slave , what world am I living in ? One of the victims of torture was ironed to the skin , got his nails all plugged off and and ... lol I will stop =.=.Why do people even kidnap people ? This is insane +_+

Oh NO , now I need to prepare materials for the big debate for Thursday.Teacher told us that there is gonna be a debate between two groups that day.The debate topic is "Social Network Sites".What do you think about Facebook ? Well I think it is kinda too open for a social network site , almost every friend you added could know what are you thinking , doing or staying.Its kinda dangerous but nobody cares haha , we kept on adding strangers we don't know.Myspace , I don't really know this site but most of my malay friends use this site.Twitter is great for popular people as many people would follow you just to know what your doing , tweet tweet.

But without Facebook , I won't be doing alot of things right now.Facebook gave me the courage to talk to people I don't really know much and then became good friends.Facebook gave me supports on writing my blogs and stories.Without Facebook , I won't some good friends that I made with Facebook.If you guys are reading this , you know that I am talking about you guys ;D

I may post a vlog later but I am really busy today , doing my Add Maths homework about Log and Indices !!! I hate you Add Maths homework , you always seem to take away my time for my house work.

Ops my pencil is broken , lately academics have been pulling me down +_+


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