Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"Smiley Or No Smiley ?"

14 April Wednesday - Hot as ever but lucky no extra curriculum :D

Hey guys whats up , let me ask you a question today.How do you judge a person ? Do you judge them by their covers ? by their looks ? Like when you see a hot and beautiful girl or boy , you would like oh he or she is a good person.Then when you see a nerdy and ugly person , you would like judge him as a bad person or boring person.Fortunately , most people I know don't do that.

Imagine yourself going into a massive library , you picked a colourful book , sure it look pretty but the contents inside suck.You found a boring looking book , everything inside mesmerized you into reading it until the end of the page.I am not saying all good looking people are ugly in the inside , I am just telling you not to judge a book by it's cover.Try to talk with the person and understand them before you judge them , you may find a best friend among all of them.


Arrrh , today one of our school teachers forced us to sit on the cold hard ground of the assembly spot because we got 3 periods without a teacher.I can't do well when I am sitting on a brick ground , especially a hard one.Luckily , it ain't sunny today.If not , we would be sweating our butts off arrh !!! But regardless if its sunny or not , I sweated alot today.I don't really know why , I kept on sweating and sweating , usually I ain't like that.Strange , maybe my body decided to sweat more today.

Add maths class was still as stressing as ever , everybody was working their head off just to figure Log and Indices out.I wish every chapter is as easy as Chapter 4 haha , I doubt that would happen though.I am trying to improve my Add Maths , I need to get good marks !!! English Class gave us a pop quiz about the short story QWERTYUIOP.It was kinda easy , I thought it would be really hard.

Why do I always break my vlog posting promises ? I would upload the videos this Friday when I am off to tuition , I would use those 4 hours to upload all the vlogs I should had posted.Sorry for the disappoinment ><.

Jason Mraz Lucky ... Enjoy :D

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , Oh baby I am trying ~

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