Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Pyramies ?"

21 April Wednesday - Pyramid oh pyramid

Ever been to Egypt ? Its a wonderful place to visit even though I never been there before but I heard stories from there.Yeah it is a hot country and yeah it is very sandy but if you want to have an adventure then go to Egypt for a little visit.The pyramids and it's mysteries , the people there , mummies and many other things made Egypt a wonderful place for explorers and adventure dwellers.We read about the era when Egypt reign a powerful empire in our history books I presume.

I know you are thinking why am I talking about Egypt and this boring pyramid well , thats because there is a new song named Pyramid sang by Charice and Iyaz.Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world and it has alot of mysteries hiding behind it.For years , experts from all around the world are finding out how did the ancient egyptians build such ancient marvels.I wonder how did they built it ? UFO ? Super Human Powers ? Smarts ? Who knows ? It is a very amazing structure.

Heres the song I was talking about xD

Charice is from Phillipine and she has a very wonderful voice , a perfect duet partner with Iyaz.I like Iyaz too , his Replay was excellent but his video abit too errr sexy ? Lol.Charice and Iyaz made a good duet , so do please listen to the song.I wish more asian singers would collaborate with US singers.Like maybe some Taiwan singers with US singer.Nah , that can't happen =.=.Charice has a very beautiful voice , love it ;D.I sitll dunno why won't asian singers collaborate with US singers ><.

I finished writing Silent Love , expect the story tomorrow as well as the vlog I promised.I always delay my promises >< My DEEPEST APOLOGY , internet has been very down lately =(.

Ops my pencil is broken , Caro Dear


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