Sunday, November 1, 2009

Le Nice Day ~

Ladies and Gentlemen , My true face has finally been revealed !!! I don't look good = ( . Today I went to Jungle Trekking and Europe Village.I am very tired after all this walking and climbing ...

I went to the Europe Village first today , the place is like a mini europe city with the same architecture style from countries in Europe.They are celebrating Halloween over there , some of the people live there too !!! When I grow up , I gonna go live and there , high up in the mountains with lots of fresh air.No pressure and no bad air ^_^ .... Ahhhh , a high mountain's life sure is peaceful eh ? Every artists dream is to in beautiful environment filled with inspirations.

There are resorts and hotels the style like castles.Knights in armour are everywhere hahaha , but I never rent a room.

The streets of europe village , it is not it's real name.I forgot the real name hahaha

The people are walking around the streets while enjoying fresh mountain air.

A beautiful swan

City Gate . its looks so real from a real europe village.

two white swans swimming around the pond.

Bridge Tower

Next its the jungle trekking !!! I went to the japanese botanical gardens nearby genting highlands.The garden is beautiful as expected , the tall trees that block the sunlight from shining in , the flowing mountain stream , the narutal habitats living in this garden are chattering around noisily.
I rarely get to breath mountain fresh air , the air in the cities are bad and filled with bad chemicals.Cars ... Factories ... Air Conditioners ... all destroying the air.Maybe when the environment gets bad , I would move to the mountains XD.

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