Saturday, November 14, 2009

Final Words For Form 3

Hey guys , been days since we last met each other because of streamyx little problem again.I think they are sleeping the whole time without knowing that our internet line is down constantly or is it they are having a maintenance ?

Ohya , yesterday was my FINAL DAY of school for this year and something bad happened until I can't go to school...I will explain later.So , I want to say my final goodbye to my friends and hope we can meet again if fate brings us to meet.This year is one tough year yet I feel relaxec and I sometimes forgot that I just took my PMR exam.Form 3 is indeed a tough year , as if teenagers haven't had enough troubles , the government presented us the PMR examination and is stressing alot of students but some including me still relax during times of darkness.

We had fights , feuds and even tears this year but all must be forgotten as a new year arises with new challenges to fight against.If you once had a fight with your best friend or other friends then just forget about it already , people would only get more injuries if you keep on fighting.And I am not talking about the physcial injuries , I am talking about the mental injuries like sadness , anger , vengeance and many many more.I never encountered any negative events this year since I am a carefree kind of guy , you want what I give you what.Also , my face is not so easily to get angry at XD , thats what my friends said.

Sad things say BYE BYE while happy things should NOT be forgotten.Who wants forgot happy things anyway ? The happiest time I ever had this year is .... erm .... Wow , I don't think I have the happiest lol.Maybe my trip to the highlands is the happiest , nothing beats taking time with nature itself.I have alot of happy times yet still can't define one as the happiest.

So I will take this final goodbye and farewell to those who are friends with me and to those who I love , make sure to say goodbye to me in the comments too :D .Not a very good these days , my heart feels like as if there is someone pulling it down but I dont even know whats the problem.Maybe I should meditate more , yes maybe xD.

Ohya I want to show you my friends or honor for this year , friends of honor are friends that showed me alot of development and friendship.Lets see who they are shall we ?

(This is not a top ten list so all are equal)
1.Lim Kai Hao (He is really diffrent than the others in my class , very patient)
2.Chong Han Xian (The same old cruel looking guy but with a sympathic heart)
3.See Jee Mee (Spiky Hair and humourous in his own way)
4.Lim Jay Ming ( Quiet yet likeable fellow , smart too )
5.Wong Yik Chun ( He is unsocial at times but really social to me)
6.Foong Wai Loong ( Goofy guy that inherited my dance ..."The Chaka" )
7.Sundeep Singh ( Great guy to hangout with and very funny )
8.Lawrence Lee ( The DK9's class clown and popular lookout with his "Maggi hair")
9.Yap Jia Hui ( Very loyal and helpful at times in need )
10.Tan Kim Hoong ( Quiet just like Jayming but when they are together "Tada" )

I know , you must be asking why theres no girls on top because I seldom talk with girls.Maybe I am shy or something , ARGH.Oh , to those who are not on the list does not mean you are bad friends , each of you guys are great in your own ways.I am lucky to have such friends yes ?

OPS , my pencil is broken =( and now I bid my farewell and I am now booking tickets for 2012 .... I know abit too late >.<.

(Remember to comment and say goodbye if not you making a little puppy sad =( )



  1. haha...
    thx but im not smart...
    kim is more smarter than me...

    y i nid to say goodbye....
    i'll meet u when maple having a new patch..