Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dragon Age : Origins

Hello there guys , looks like today's topic will be boring for none video games fan.People , one of the greatest RPG game ever has been released yesterday !!! Dragon Age : Origins is another masterpiece by Bioware who also created Knights Of The Old Republic also known as (KOTOR) and Mass Effect.I like most of bioware's games but looks like this is another great game for me.THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE GAME -
The meaning of RPG is "Role-Playing Game" , they are games that you use one specific character you created or been created.You can change your characters' clothes , cuztomise body and face , change their storylines and make stronger your characters.As the game goes , you find out background story of your characters and other such.Those who want to play Role-Playing Games require skill , patience , good hearing , determination and discipline.As one role playing game can let you have thousands of gameplay hour.Depend on which kind of RPG game of course.
Dragon Age : Origins tells a story of a Grey Warden and his team fight to stop the the evil spawn.You can change the storyline of your character and make him a badguy or a goodguy.Being a badguy or a goodguy (Karma System) could change your entire storyline.Your team members may leave if they don't like you or sometimes wanting to kill you.
The game features party system , you could use 3 characters at once.You could choose between characters you want to use while the other 2 will be control by the AI system (Artificial Intelligience).The game has great graphics but the system requirement does not requre that much.The developers of Bioware has out done themselves by optimizing the game properly that even none gaming computers could play it.But the bad news is that it needs 20GB SPACE !!! Such a bother.
Well , I am really really excited about this game.I am gonna buy it tomorrow for RM30. !!!
Heres the link to the Trailer and its Homepage Website ~ Enjoy
Ops My pencil is broken !!! BYE

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