Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Collections are pride and joy of someone who has them.Some people collect items that are rare or unique or just common things.Some people I seen would even die for their hard earned collections.Collections are expensive when it is complete and requires alot of time to complete one collection.

Do I collect things ? Of course !!! I collect stuffed animals or teddy bears , its a habit since I was small.Teddy bears are cute and very warm to hug , they are great companions when sleeping or watching TV.I found myself can't even throw these little things.Once , before I moved my house.My mom threw all my teddy bears and I cried LOL.I ran to the rubbish bin and took back the teddy bears , I later wash it in a dobi.Yes , its quiet strange for a boy collecting teddy bears but I love them.

I also collect video games.When I have new video games , I would display them in my mirror case in my room.I love video games so I aimed to keep them like small museum XD.These collections are my pride and joy.I would not sell them and would not even throw them away.So whats your collection ? Write it in the comments if you want to share your collections.

Ops my pencil is broken !!! TEDDIES !!!



  1. hehe...
    my collection r..
    tvb dramas lor....

  2. haha, ur collection quite special @_@
    keep collect many many, then i go steal ur teddies
    xD ~

  3. lol...
    calyn steal teddy....==
    steal from mr.bean lar...
    he sure kill u!