Friday, November 20, 2009

What If I Am A Rat ...

Female Rat : I wish I could be a human , wearing those beautiful clothes and pretty
jewelry.Sigh...But I am stuck to being a filthy ugly rat.

Male Rat : I got an idea !!! Wanna try it out ?

Female Rat : Really ? You got an idea to make me become a human ?

Male Rat : Yea !!! Just let me kiss you and you will magically turn into a Princess
Human just like in the storybooks !!!

Female Rat : ...

Ola guys , I just watched the Pixar's animation film called Ratatouille "again" if I might add and I was wondering ... What if I am a Rat right now ?

I dunno how to become a rat right now , maybe a witch come swooping into my house and use some curse to transform me into a disease ridden rat.I could sneak into a scientist's and drink some potion and become a rat or I would become a half man half rat thing .... Disturbing.Ok let's just forget about how I am gonna become a rat and focus what if I am a RAT.

Rats are all we know are Filthy , disguting and ugly buy I don't think so.They are rather intelligent and cute.Girls would disagree with me since they would Scream everytime they see a rat.I never even seen a Wild Rat before , I only heard them squeking in the drain in the dark but I can't see them.Little Rascals...

But what if one day , I become a rat - Lets find out the list of things I would do if I am a rat.

1.Get into every hole I can find , no don't think that please.I mean seen alot of small openings that I can't get in , I always wonder what is it like to be inside a hole and walk into a new place , maybe a treasure cache haha.

2.I can talk with rats !!! I always wanted to know what those cunning rats are up to but I can't cause I am human.But if I am a rat I could understand them and maybe I could be their friends haha.

3.I will have Incredible biting power !!! I could bite through anything and I want to bite those annoying people =D .

4.I love cheeses , they are fragrant in smell and strong in tatse.I heard rats could feel and smell better than humans so I am gonna steal me some cheeses if I am a rat.Yummy cheese.

Well even though I want to be a rat but theres still some bad side with it.People would hate me and smack me everytime I am near them and due to my faster heartbeat , I would have a shorter lifespan...Maybe I should be a turtle...wait no...

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , I will be Human for now.


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