Friday, November 6, 2009

Things that make me BORED

I am a guy that is easily to get bored.Almost everyday I would feel bored because I got a very unique brain (self proclaimed ) that would shut down everytime I am unintrested or nothing to do.Usually when I am bored , I would sleep or stare at an empty space until I got something to do or somebody to talk with me.I don't care who you are just one little chat would power up my brain to horse speed !!!
Boredom is a very very self-torture thing.Everytime when you are bored , you would do senseless things or just loafing around.When you are bored , the time would go slower but when you are having fun , the time would go faster !!! Because when you are bored , you would always look at the time.But when you are having fun , you don't even notice the time.Is like time travelling but slower haha.
Like everytime I am having history class at school , I would keep looking at my watch and my sweat would flow down.I would think " Why is time so slow".But when I am having alot alot of fun , I would think "WHAT its time already ?".Its a natural reaction to all .So everytime I go out , I would prepare something to keep me out of boredom's reach.I don't want to keep watching at my watch every 5 seconds and begging god to give me time travel powers !!! HOOPLA , my wish would not come true +_+.
Hey you know what ? I am gonna show you my list of things that make me bored ~ Heres the list of things that make me extremely bored or just plain old boredom.Let the pressure start !!!
1.History Class !!!! History is my most weakest subject and I hate it very much.Everytime I am taking history class , I would yawn till dawn.I can't sleep as the History teacher is a Discipline teacher !!! Oh the horror.
2.My friends are all chatting without me.Yeah , sometimes I can't get into the topic of my friends talking about.I would mope around and stare into space while listening to my friend's talking.
3.Going shopping .... No , I mean going into a boring shop.I love shopping , it gives me the opportunity to find inspirations and BUY STUFFs XD.Boring shops such as .... shoe stores.My mother want me to change my attitude about shoe stores as my future girlfriend would love shoe stores so if I don't change , my girlfriend would hate me +_+.
4.Watching chick flicks =_= , chick flicks are not in my favourite movie category as it is a plotless shit.My friends love it but I hate it =.=""
5.No games to play =( , when I played finish all my video games , I would be bored as I have nothing to play with.I will need to buy a new video game to sastify my need before I get bored.
6.No books to read - same as the above one.
7.empty mind makes me bored .... yes.....
These are the things that make me BORED which I HATE.What about you guys ? Do you ever get bored ? or you guys are always having fun that you hve significant time traveling powers ? Write down in the comments and tell what makes you bored and what makes you get HIGH.Yes , HIGH ~
OPS , my pencil is broken !!! BORED