Saturday, November 7, 2009


ROAR !!! Warriors !!! Who would even don't regconize them , they are fighters of pride and protectors of countries.They would either fight for a living or fight for their countries.And after a fight , they would get drunk at wine bars and talk about their stories.They use countless weapons like spears , mace , swords , axes and many many more.Sure ... they are fierce , bloody and smelly but not all are like that.Remember princes ? They are warriors too except more fancier and weaker....hehe.

They are alot of warriors out there , all from diffrent countries or religions.The Samurais use sharp and long katana blades for war , their oath to the their emperors are very "loyalish".Crusaders have big red crosses on their battle armor and a very big shield (I think) haha.Barbarians usually use giant swords and big axes >:D.

My favourite of all warriors are SPARTANS . The reasons why I like them is because of they are half naked , fast , strong and they trained in the army since they were 7 .They fight for Greece proudly and mostly ... they fight for women.
Ops , My pencil is broken !!! URA

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