Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween !!!! HAHA

October 31st...ghouls and demons are coming because it is HALLOWEEN.Happy Halloween to the guys in the United States or any other countries that are celebrating Halloween.My country...because the majority of people in Malaysia don't even know whats Halloween so theres no Halloween here.SIGH...Wish I could dress as Michael Jackson and go door by door , asking for candies and treats.Do some Michael Jackson's moves , like putting my hand under my bottom and twist my body up and down.My friends love that =_=
Lets talk about scary fictional creatures shall we ? Alot of people love supernatural stuffs including me.The most famous is the Vampire , why ? I don't really know.Well maybe the because of the movie , Twilight.Most girls I know LOVE vampires and they are also fans of Twilight.
For me , I would choose Werewolves.Yup , the picture above speaks for itself.Werewolves are powerful half man half wolf creatures that could tear someone to shreds in just seconds.Whenever theres a full moon in the night , a man bitten by a werewolf shall become a powerful werewolf as well.It is a curse that somewhat awesome and bad since the villagers hate you for eating or killing people.I read from a book , the first werewolf that ever existed is the Lycantrope.It's unique features is that it is white in colour.Diffrent from the werewolves , it has the power to summon or command lesser werewolves or plain wolves.It's howl could destroy a human's ear.Correct me if I am wrong.
So , Happy Halloween guys.Even my country does not celebrate Halloween , theres still some clubs or restaurants celebrating.HAPPY HALLOWEEN , TRICK OR TREAT MUAHHAHAHAHA
Ops my pencil is broken , AWOOOOooooooooo


    knock knock......
    candy pls~
    deliver candy to me tomoro...