Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dragon Age Origins Review

Today's topic won't be much of a intrest again , I do apologize since not much people like gaming posts.Today I will write a review of Dragon Age : Origins , the latest game I bought.It is a Role Playing Game much like I said before , and it has some tactical views.If you played Baldur's Gate then you will like this game very much , its almost the same as Knights Of The Old Republic too.Bioware is the creator of this game and Dragon Age : Origins is one of the masterpieces by Bioware much like many other RPG games made by Bioware.

Hey lets stop the introduction shall we ? I will try to point out the pro and cons of this game shall we ? Note !!! I am playing the PC version of this game ...

1.Bloody , very bloody.
-Don't you like games that have great blood effects everytime you done with a fight or in a fight.The game is bloody , almost 80% of the time you play would be seeing your character all bloody unless you clean up frequently.Blood effects are great too especially you beheaded somebody , Muahahahaha I am a sadist.

2.Fantastic Storyline.
-Storyline is important in RPG games , I want good stories !!! The storyline in this game is great , theres more than one story !!! Depend on which race , class or background you choose for your character.Sometimes you could alter storylines by doing bad things or good things.

3.Great Characters.
-The characters in this game are voiced by serious voice actors and not by money making superstars.The characters have depth and development , the more you play with them the more you know more.The character I like the most is Alistair , he is one of the Grey Wardens and a very funny guy.

4.Thousands of hours of Gameplay.
-After finishing the first run , you would want yo play all over again just to use new race , new class and new background.Never ending game time is one of the pros in this game.Some games don't even worth the money....

5.No Graphics Spikes.
-IF you are playing the PC version , there won't be any graphics spike in this game.But the Xbox360 and PS 3 may have alot of graphic spikes.

1.Bored to some people
-The game would be boring to those people who don't like slow fighting and not really good in english since you would be spending hours talking to people with long dialouges.

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