Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Story : Monkey's Trouble

Once upon a time , theres a monkey named Joe who lives in the rain forest of Malaysia.He is also a monkey with alot of troubles , one of his troubles is wanting to fit into the clan and his clan is the Red Butt Monkey Clan.All the monkeys in this clan have red colour butts and the most biggest butt of all is the leader of the clan.

But the problem is , Joe's butt is not red in colour but white.The reason why he wanted to join this clan is because all his cool friends are over there.He wanted to be cooler and that the cool monkeys recognize him even though they never even been nice to Joe.

Every night , he would ramble about how cool he will gonna be when he is in that clan to his mother.All his mother would do is roll her eyes since explaining won't work.But no matter how many times he tried to convince the members of Red Butt Clan , he would be shunned by them or mocked by them for not having a red colour butt.

He tried of alot of things to make his butt become red.He once tried to make his butt become red by painting it red with red paint but it got washed off by the rain.He also tried making his butt red by heating it with fire but later gave up because of the pain.He tried alot of ways but all failed to meet his expectations.

One day , he went to the shaman of his village.The shaman has vast magical powers and is very wise.The monkey seek wisdom from the shaman on how to fit in into the Red Butt Clan.The shaman has no plan to make Joe's butt turn red but he had a plan to help him fit in.The shaman gave Joe a golden banana that could trick the Red Butt Clan members mind.If Joe holds the golden banana while around the Red Butt Clan members , the members of the Red Butt Clan would think that Joe has a red butt.

Joe was overjoyed and thanked the shaman, all the shaman did was laugh out loud.Joe immediately rushed over to the Red Butt Clan's territory and they immediately accepted him into the clan.He has been treated like royalty and all monkeys are very nice to him.But theres something wrong , the monkeys all around him are like zombies , all mindless and keep on saying the same thing.Joe finally realised that he was wrong , he don't want people to like him by force or by being a diffrent person.He quickly ran out of the Red Butt Clan's territory and destroy the golden banana.

He was sad and frustrated but he knew he was doing the right thing.At least those monkeys are not in a mindless state anymore.He cried hard that night , he is so sad that all is frown on his face.Suddenly , a female monkey from the White Butt Clan passed by and overheard the monkey crying.She asked Joe why is he so sad and Joe explained the whole story.The female white butt monkey hugged him and adviced him not to join in a group that does not accept who you are and what you are.Joe finally knows what to do and later joined in the White Butt Clan.

Joe never became cool and popular but at least he is happy now.

"Join The Right Group"

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , goodnight =D

-Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

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