Monday, November 2, 2009

FLying Dream

Yesterday , I had weird dream.I dreamed that I am in a middle of a grassy field with painted surroundings.I saw an owl with golden feathers flying towards me gracefully in the sky , it landed right infront of me and let out a hoot.I looked at the owl's silver eyes , he looked back at me.Without thinking , I jumped on the Owl's back and and it took off into the skys.It flew so high that I could see seas of clouds under us , when my hand touched the clouds , only droplets of water were on my hand.

Out of nowhere , I could see a golden castle not far from where we were.The owl was flying towards the golden castle , it is as beautiful as pure gold itself.When we reached the castle , I jumped off the owl's back and a weird thing happended to me.I was floating ... NO flying.I flew into the castle and there was nothing inside the golden castle.Only some chairs and some televisions.A strange urge pulled me into sitting on the chair , I seen images of some sort flashing in one of the televisions.

The television started to show some peaceful images and it said "The world is changing now , boy.We now live in a peaceful world with little war and little less to worry........(I forgot some lines)......In years to come , a judgement will come and test mankind.Humans must work together in order survive by that time.The one man who would send this message to the world is dead not too long ago.....(I forgot again) .... Now things becoming more and more worse , politicians and leaders of the world are foolish and blind to not see this coming.I shall show you something my boy..."

The television started to show images of horrible things to come ....

After that , I just woke up in sweat.....I don't know why I had that dream .... I try not to think about it.

Ops my pencil is broken .... sweet dreams.


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