Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Ever Marriage With A Video Game Character

Boys and girls of the world , just when things can't get anymore weirder in this world.I heard this from a youtube friend in Japan and he told me about this video , the video shows that a japanese "otaku" or nerd just married a video game character from a love simulation game in Nintendo DS.More info and video link right here...

I have a Nintendo DS but I don't have the game , the only games I have in NDS is Mario and Sword of Mana.All I can say is that guy is crazy !!! He can't even talk much with her since the dialouge would repeat itself , he can't even touch her , he can't even go to bed with her.Most people commented on him being lonely and he is obsessed with the video game character.Leading to marriage with her , I wonder what his parents are now thinking about ...

We live in a weird world boys and girls , ladies and gents.Let's just hope none of this happens again because me it makes me feel weird for this guy +_+.

Ops , My pencil is broken - I wonder the meaning of Otaku is nerd ?


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