Thursday, November 5, 2009

回家的路 (Home Run) Review

Today , I take break by watching random movies on Television and I found this."Home Run" is a very touching movie by 范冰冰 and some other guy that I forgot his name +_+ because his name hard to read for me hahahaha.Actually...Dont care about those two , care the kid in this movie.He is cute and smart at the same time haha.He is very obedient too , always listening to his "comrade" dad.

I was about to tell you the story but I don't want to spoil it so I am gonna stick to a summary plot.It is a story about a woman who is a hostess of a TV show named "回家的路“.The TV show is about kids finding their way back home alone in a middle of the city !!! OMG , child abuse much ? They find untrained kids to .... never mind....

The woman is out children so she use her OWN SON.Her son almost die in one of the parts in the movie.I am only gonna tell you until here !!! The rest of the intresting part... watch it yourself.The movie is touching and has alot of funny quotes , the starting part of the movie is very funny.One of my favourite quotes is ...

"Teeth are like our children , they have a life and the most important thing is that they are healthy.How could I pluck out a healthy canine teeth just for the sake of her being more prettier."

This is not a good review because I was eating MC-Donalds when I am typing. >:D

Ops My pencil is broken !!! Be sure to watch this movie , just watch it .... please .... pretty please.


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