Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Big Piece

Who loves big pieces ? I know I do.Usually when my family and I having dinner , we would fight over the best meat piece or the biggest piece of dish we can find.I would rather choose the biggest chicken breast meat yummy.My family always say that I am weird that I keep choosing breast meat over chiken wings or drumsticks.Heck I don't care since its more chewy and juicy if I might add...

Anyway today's topic is not about chicken meat or mutton meat or blah blah.It's about I spent most of my week writing a new story caled "Choice" , it's a lively fantasy story that I written since the week before last week and I planned this story 3 months ago but PMR holded me back.I miss PMR , it gave me something I don't really like hahaha.

Ops , my pencil is broken - YUMMY PIECE OF MEAT


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