Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little Story : The Goblin and The Girl

Once upon a time , there live a girl in little modest village with nothing but carefree days and hardworking hours.And there is a goblin living in a cave , he is the prince of the goblin clan.Two different beings that have two different lives but what if one day .... they meet each other.

The girl is a very kind and outgoing person , she loves to try new things and not doing the same thing over and over again.But her mom keep on forcing her to help in the farm.All day long , she just helps with the farm and nothing else.She is bored and tired of doing the same thing over and over again.One night , she was resting beside the window while watching the peaceful night sky.Suddenly , She saw a falling star falling through the sky.She hold both of her hands tightly while closing her eyes and wished for a more exciting life.

Meanwhile....The goblin prince is also complaining about something.He is always in the cave because of humans are scared of goblins.He never got a chance to talk to humans , he heard a lot of stories about humans but never even got to meet one of them.One night , he sneaked out of his royal cave and seek out a human village.After an hour of walking in the dark , he found himself in the girl's village.The goblin was overjoyed to arrived at the village as he could meet some people at last.But , it was night time and all the villagers were sleeping.The goblin was confuse and lost at the same time.Suddenly , He saw a little cottage just infront of him , he went to open the door and to his surprise , he saw the little girl right infront him.

The little girl was about to run away from home instead she saw the goblin.They were both surprise but they are not afraid of each other.The little girl invited the goblin into her house , they both talked about their stories right beside the fireplace.When they know about each other problems , they immediately went out and find a witch.They went to the Widow's Hill where the most powerful witch lives there.When they arrived there , the witch was surprise to find one girl and a goblin on her doorstep , not a very usual combo.The witch welcomed them into her house and listen to their problems.After listening to their problems , the witch casted a spell to switch their bodies.After mumbling mumbo jumbo , the girl is now inside the body of the goblin while the goblin is inside the body of the girl.They were overjoyed !!! They thanked the witch and went back to their own home.

But after one day , they went back to the witch and pleaded to switch back their bodies.It seems they are both not very sastify with their new lives.When the girl is inside the goblin's body , she had fun but the humans were afraid of her and that makes her sad because her own mother don't even like her.The goblin was happy that he can talk to humans because he was inside the girl's body but the goblin felt bored because all he do is help with the farm.They witch knew that they would come back and then switched them back to the way they were.

And after that , the goblin and the girl lead a happy life and they never complain again.THE END

"Appreciate who you are"

Ops My pencil is broken !!!! Every sunday I would write a small story =)


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