Thursday, November 19, 2009

UPSR Results ... Well My Brother's

(Hey this kid got 5A because he is in a Malay school while Chinese school has two more extra subjects so theres 7A but I don't know much about Tamil Schools.)

Student A : Hey , whats your PMR result ?

Student B : 8 As , =D .

Student A : Wow , I still remember you got none A in UPSR during standard 6.

Student B : Haha , I was so lazy and I remember you got 7As , you are quite remarkable.Whats your PMR result ?

Student A : Oh I failed my PMR....

Student B : ....

HAHA , ok that was just a little joke.Seriously I seen alot of people got 7 As in UPSR but later on in PMR , either failed or get very less marks because they underestimated PMR.

Still remember UPSR ? I know I do.I still remember the day I was inside the test hall.The hall was cold because theres alot of air-conditioners and the principal was kind enough to put gentle soothing classical musics to ease our minds.Yet , I was so panicked that I can't sleep the night before my UPSR day and I remember I pissed in my pants that night...and I cried ... yes I cried.

But the day I sat for my UPSR exam , I said "Why is it this damn easy yet I pissed about it yesterday !!! ".Well UPSR is actually easy , the mathematic was child's play since it's so easy.The only subject that makes me scratch my head all the time is CHINeSE.I am lame in Chinese T_T don't know why though ? Makes me feel unworthy since I am a Chinese but suck in Chinese.

Oh my god , I forgot this post is about my brother's results.My brother got 5A 1 B 1 C while I got 4 A 3 B . I don't know who is better , maybe it's a tie.Whatever...

The night before my brother sat for the exam , he did not pissed in his pants but he came to my room and sleep.My brother has unbreakable bonds between each other , we won't fight each other and we hangout alot together.Some of my friends have bad relationships with their siblings.We share beds often too because we are used to it.We used to slept together when we were much much younger.ITS NOT GAY = =

Ops , My pencil is broken !!! UPSR pawnage !!!


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