Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Shhhh , I am telling you a secret about secret please don't tell anyone.Hey everybody has secrets , those who do not have any secrets are not human.Secrets are something that should not be told except your most closest , trustable and loyal friends.Oh , therapist knows many alot of secrets since many people open their hearts to them.

I want to ask something though , do you guys tried to know someone's secret.Like sneaking into his house and put a hidden video camera , eh wait thats illegal LOL.What about trying to hear somebody's conversation and steal their mail xD.

I once tried to know somebody's secret during primary years by stalking him all day long.I ended up injured myself by doing something foolish.He went into the restroom , the restroom in my primary school is like any other public restroom , it has multiple rooms and theres a pottie inside each and every one of them.My friend was talking with another student inside one of the rooms while I went inside the one beside them.I climbed up and tried to peek what are they doing but ended up falling down and hurt my buttocks +_+.Can't walk and sit properly ...

My friend later knew about my intentions and laugh at me.He said he was just smuggling some Pokemon cards for a smuggling the right word ? Nevermind.I should have not stalking my friend , my buttocks reminded me that xD.

So don't try knowing your friend's secrets but ... sometimes the temptations would get over you +_+ .You would feel that you are being left out because your friends never told you their secrets.Oh and try to keep your secret a secret or it won't be called a secret LOL.

Ops my Pencil is broken , SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.



  1. Ya....
    sumtimes my frenz hav their own secret..n never tell me about it....
    i felt being left behind from the group....
    in the past few weeks...
    i learnt sumting... myself...(dun be so 8 gua)lols

  2. haha, yaya ,jm dun so 8 gua ~ xD
    nice secretm i like it ^^