Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday RAWR #5

"What Are These ?"

4 July Sunday - Two Worm Thingies Singing ?

Crazy week this week , everything seem to based into one single gumball and sticked on to me.Luckily , I managed to scalp it off just in time.Drama performance was great and weak singing at the same time.Report card day was delighting , no lecture this year.I guess I am in the safe side right now.Rasvindeep's Birthday Party was awesome as hell , never had that kind of party for years or maybe never at all.I even finished Chapter 2 of my story and found a new hiding place in my school.Good week , tiring but still a good week.

This week my blog has 39 different people viewed my blog , thank you for visiting and reading my blog.It really means alot to me.Followers , thank you following me for all these months.This is not a perfect blog and I am not intended in creating a perfect blog , knowing that people actually read my blog is a real bliss to me.

Funny Pictures

I am curious , how did they even edit this picture ? Is it real ? This guy won't eat a cat right ? Right ? lol

Obama condoms ? Two pictures of president humor lol ?

Funny Video

Ops my pencil is broken , Hungry +_+


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