Saturday, July 10, 2010


"Doraemon !"

9 July Friday - Brings back memories.

Mangas !!! They are Japanese comics or graphic novels , a very popular reading medium located all around the world.But Asians tend to enjoy mangas more than western comics , personally I like them both equally.I rarely get my hands on western comics since I can't find a website that posts these comics online.Manga posting websites are everywhere , I am quite an avid reader.

My favorite mangas are Naruto , Doraemon , Bleach and some others but I forgot their names.Naruto is a very well known manga , everyone just can't seem to stop talking about Naruto during when I was Form 1 and Form 2 but things started to become quieter and quieter.The manga is very entertaining , the plot and characters are so attracting that it could stick on your brain for a long time.I definitely recommend it as a must read for action lovers or many some casual reading won't hurt.Naruto's signature move "Rasengan" is really my favorite move out of all the thousands of moves in the manga.Heres the link !

Doraemon has a really long history on me , I started reading Doraemon when I was standard 4.I really love the manga , right now I still have all my Doraemon books.Its about a robot cat from the future living with a typical Japanese boy living in a suburban area.The robot cat has a pocket in the middle of his stomach that contains endless amount of gadgets.Each chapter , he helps the boy to overcome his day to day problems.I am pretty sure all of you guys heard of Doraemon , right ?

Bleach , this is one of the mangas that made me kept on reading and reading all night long.Seriously , the beginning of the plot really drags you into the manga.But chapters by chapters , I found it quite repetitive and boring so I kinda stopped reading for now.Its about a guy named Ichigo , he met a Shinigami (Death God) one night when he was in his room.The shinigami's name is Rukia , she was sent there to hunt down a Hollow (Some sort of ghostly or demonic monster).The hollow then attacked Ichigo's house and the epic adventure starts.I really like bleach and I can proof it.I even went to a website to create a fictional shinigami just for myself and then battle with the other fan made shinigamis.I had real fun playing with foreigners , I learnt alot from them.

Ops my pencil is broken , I am gonna read One Piece next ~ Heard its really good.


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