Saturday, July 17, 2010

5 Days / 2010 Chinese Singing Competition


17 July Saturday - Hello and welcome back.

Hello my friends , this is Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee reporting to you LIVE.Its been long since I even touched this blog , I neglected you guys and I am truly sorry.The reason why I was gone for the past few days is because I have a intestine infection caused by a chunk of food.Anyways , why am I talking about me being sick ? The 2010 Chinese Singing Competition is what we really what we wanna know about right ?

Ok now , first thing first.I was extremely lucky that tickets could be bought right in the flash.But when I first got to there with my brother , the teacher told us that sandals and shorts were not allowed.But it was hot , shorts and sandals were the best options for that morning but we went back home and changed regardless.I changed into my school sports outfit , then we headed back as soon as possible.

The competition was nice , I got the first row of seats along with a friend of mine.He was wanting to create a film of some sort but his batteries were failing.I recorded every single one of the contestants , some decent singers and some AMAZING singers.The one kid I supported got second place ! Congrats kid ! The judges were cleverly chosen , one smoother talker , one soft hearted , one strict but witty.Reminds me of American Idols or Britains Got Talent , sadly none could be like Simon Crowell haha.The two hosts were funny too , they and their cold jokes.Lim Teck Yu contributed a mouthy funny character today.

A pop group performed in our school today , I think their name is "Y" or "V".Not too sure about the name but they sold alot of their albums today , looks like they gained fans.During the double team category , my camera has only a little juice.I prayed that my camera could survive through the day but to no avail.I did not record the double team category but at least I took some decent pictures.I need to buy another new battery for my camera soon.


Go and view my other photos in my album !!/album.php?aid=25079&id=1784140936

Ops my pencil is broken , congratulations to all the winners !!!


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