Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whippy Dash

"Run Man Run"

21 July Wednesday - Tuxedo's Galore

Today was one freaking tiring day , ran around the whole school.Let me tell you about my little expedition.I was in class , minding my own business then suddenly a girl came to our class and told me that Madam Jenny called for me.I went to there and she told me find a guy from 4B , I went to 4B but that guys was absent , aww.I went back and she told me to find some other guy and check if the computer classroom is available or not.The computer classroom was locked but I found the guy and escorted him back.

Just right when I got there , teacher told me to camp at the class and wait for the students to come back since she and some other guy were going to the office so she needs me to stay there to keep an lookout.A student from 4H came and asked me if I could be his friend , I was shocked lol.I never met someone who says "Hey lets be friends".Out of boredom , I picked up trashes lying on the floor.I was surprise how dirty and messy it was , if thats messy then how is Peralihan's class ? They always get the Dirtiest Class Award , I think it is going to look like something out of a nightmare.

Not long later , my teacher got back along with the student from before.She asked me to find the keys for the computer room.I went everywhere but I can't find the keys for the computer room.Each teacher me and the student asked was sending us around like circles.We were completely in daze.Luckily Puna  Wong let us use the Ketua Bidang computer but it can't open the file we wanted to open.I can't tell you whats the file is for haha.We went to the Bilik Kaunselling's computer but to no avail.My teacher finally gave up and told us to return to our classes.

Rough haha

Ops my pencil is broken , tired


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