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Singularity Review


19 July Monday - Time Manipulation Device

Name : Singularity
Platform : Microsoft Windows (PC) , XBox 360 and Playstation 3
Genre : First Person Shooter , Science Fiction
Modes : Single Player , Multiplayer
Publisher : Activision
Engine : Unreal Engine 3

We all love a good game that isn't that much serious looking and filled with action pack shootings.Well , Singularity is a game just like that.Singularity is a game that has the "Shoot First Worry Later" mantra in it , just like most First Person Shooters , this game is filled with action and forgettable characters.So buckle up and get ready for the wonderful adventure of time travelling while holding a gun and blasting mutants all around you.


Lets make this short.It is set in the cold war era between Russia and USA.The story tells a unit of american soldiers getting deploy on a Russian island named Katorga-12.The island has a special mineral called , E-99.The Russians harvest and refine the minerals for their own advantage against America since America had the first Nuclear Bomb.The Russians were planning to create a powerful implode bomb made of E-99 to out match the Nuclear Bomb of the United States.But things went hell and the island got destroyed , mutants now roam the island searching for prey.

The unit met a EMP blast right after they reached the island , the helicopters transporting the unit malfunctioned and crashed into the island.Only two soldiers survived the impact on the island , Renko and his partner.The story goes along as Renko met a strange energy wave , he was transported back in 1955.He found himself in a middle of  a burning building , smokes were everywhere and he heard screams of Russians everywhere.He found a doctor clinging to his life , Renko saved the doctor and his life was spared.

I won't say much since if I say it all , the story would be long and you would not be interested in this game anymore since you the story.The story continues as Renko would have found a device called TMD (Time Manipulation Device) , it lets you to control time and space.Buy this game or watch playthroughs on Youtube to discover what happens later on in the game.Or just visit wikipedia and type in the game's name haha.

It has a good solid story , even though it is abit predictable but the story still has it's fresh peels of orange.

Story : 3/5


The gameplay in this game is quite the same as Bioshock , you have one hand holding a firearm and another hand using the TMD (Time Manipulation Device).It is alot of fun , you could age monsters and soldiers until they are only dusts.You could restore items and landmarks into the way they were when they were new.You could even move objects around just to solve mazes or throw a explosive barrel to an enemy.The guns felt good to shoot and has awesome bullet sounds.Special weapons in this game allow you to control bullets and alter timelines.Example , you could slow time while using a sniper rifle so that you could have enough time to place lead into a head.

The gameplay is very fun and fast paced.I am very satisfied with the gameplay but there still some minor glitches.

Gameplay : 4/5


The visuals in this game are stunning , it fits the mood of this game.Rusted and destroyed environment with scary lightings , creepy sounds echoing in the darkness.The game looks scary at the beginning of the game , but as it progresses , the game would have a rushy and action feeling to it.The visuals helped out alot in this game , setting the mood and colour to satisfy the gameplay and story.The monsters and soldiers look great , the bosses look awesome too ! Heck even weapons have that dark futuristic tone to it.

Visuals : 4/5


Story : 3/5 (Good solid plot but may need good concentration in the game to figure the story out 100%)
Gameplay : 4/5 (Time manipulation says it all !)
Visuals : 4/5 (The background and depth of this game are brilliant , reminds me of Bioshock)

To learn more about the game , go here

Heres the offical review from a gaming company named Gamespot.

Ops my pencil is broken , I love the Russians.


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