Sunday, July 25, 2010

School Gardening

"Old Macdonald Had A Farm"

25 July Saturday - I am a Farmer

Saturday was the day when me and some other guys went to school to help with the little garden in our school.It was the second time our Biology teacher conducted a gardening activity , I did not went to the first one.I got there in the morning , about 8.30am.Jia Hui and Ron got there earlier before I did.Our Biology teacher arrived not too long later , she instructed us to take out paints out of her car and carry it to the garden.There were fences that haven't been fully painted yet , our job was to paint those fences with yellow paint.

Me and Jia Hui painted the outer surface of the fences , the inner surface were the hardest so we did the outer first.The reason why the inner surface was the hardest is because theres plant all around the area.We can't squat down properly without destroying the plants.There were alot of hard to paint spots too so it was kind of a challenge.Ron went to gardening and goofed around the scene , it is common for him to do that haha.After a while , Ron traded positions with me.I went to gardening and he went to painting.

Gardening is fun , but I accidentally destroyed two or three corn plants without realizing they were corn plants .They looked like long grasses which I was suppose to get rid off.After destroying the surrounding grasses , I gave manure to every single plant in the garden.The manure has a mix of droppings from different animals.It had a bad smell.The girls were creating banners and signs for the garden.

It was 12.00 , we went home earlier because we came earlier.The others came by 10 am , Syahir and some other guys continue our work when we left home.Before getting home , I took alot of goofy pictures of Ron.Visit my photo album ~

Ops my pencil is broken , no livestocks sorry.


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