Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rasvindeep's Burthday Bash

"Happy Birthday Rasvindeep"

3 July Saturday - Disco Disco

Hey guys whats up !! On the rush now , 1 hour left to midnight.Blame me on not updating my blog during the afternoons , I am such a fool.Yesterday night was one of the highest party I even been to , it was Rasvindeep's Birthday Bash.Almost everyone in my class was there and there were a bunch of family members.I never danced that high before , but I am not that good.

My dad fetched me to her house right after tuition , Shawn accompanied me.I checked her house's coordinates by using Google Map.Shawn and my dad went there before , the combined intel on her house had gave us a golden portal to her house.We got there and met Rasvindeep's neighbors , they were fine folks.They were trying to make us feel comfortable since we don't know most of the people there.We talked about alot of things and they were very interested in our studies and academics.Especially about Physics lol.

Later , the whole class arrived and thats when the real party started.Rasvindeep went to the cake ceremony , all of us sang Happy Birthday.After the song , Rasvin's relatives started to "spray" strimmers ? Strimmers right ? I don't know what they are called.They are like strings with strange smells.Ohya , it was a double celebration.We were also celebrating a girl's birthday , I don't know her name.Likewise , Happy Birthday if you are reading this.

We danced that night , danced until our hearts were out !!!

Ops pencil is broken , Happy Birthday !


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