Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breakfast Insights

"Classy Breakfast ?"

6 July Tuesday - Ham , Cheese and Eggs

Hey guys , I saw a lizard in my school's drainage system today when I was about to get out of the school's entrance.It was very big and black in color , I think it was more of a salamander but it looked more like a lizard.I don't really know it's real name , I am no zoologist.So lets call it Black lizard.Right now , everyone is anticipating the two matches of World Cup.Holland VS Uruguay and Germany VS Spain , I am rooting for Germany to win champion of World Cup.We will just have to see who would make it into the final match of this year's 2010 World Cup.

So today's post is main about Breakfast , we love a good breakfast everyday but most of us just can't find the time to eat this most important meal of the day.Especially for those students who attend to schools during morning instead of afternoon , it is a real heart breaker to not able to eat such a delicious and nutritious meal of the day.But most people can't seem to realize the benefits that breakfast would provide ! It has a major impact on your health and it is better to have a regular habit of eating breakfast everyday in the morning.


The moment we opened our eyes and stared at the ceiling above , we would get a rumble in our tummy and that tells us that your stomach is itching for a big healthy meal.Breakfast has higher nutrients and higher minerals than any other meal , it is the king of nutritions among all the meals.These nutritions are going to be your main arsenal for the whole day , it keeps you going and makes you virtually unstoppable.You will get improved performance , which is really important for students !!! Students would have a higher concentration on lessons and their absorption of the lessons in school would be enhanced.Students would study better and get much better results.It would keep them energetic and survive through the harsh challenges they face in schools.

Yes , most people who are in a middle of a diet tend to skip breakfast just to lose weight.Well the truth is that not eating breakfast actually makes you more fatter.People who has eaten breakfast would make better choices during lunch.People who did not take their breakfast would be in hunger and would choose meals with higher calories in order to satisfy the rumbly in your tumbly.This would cause the individual to gain much more weight.People tend to have a much more balanced meal if they eaten their breakfast everyday.No breakfast today ? Well then , MEATS loaded with fats and calories await you.I got a personal experience on this particular subject.Once , I got back home from school and ate a pack of fried rice.Usually thats enough for me but that day I went to buy another pack of noodles and laksa.Which made me tremendously filled with junk inside my stomach , I am pretty sure I gained alot of calories that day and I mean alot.

Breakfast has no negativity so it is a sure 100% must eat.If you can't , then just try to have breakfast as best you can.It massively influences your health and condition.Generally helping you to be fitter and healthier.

Here is a video concerning towards making a creative and fast breakfast , you may find it useful but it is a western based breakfast.

Ops my pencil is broken , Toodles or noodles.


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