Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teeth Galore

"Evil Dentist"

20 July Tuesday - I don't like the dentist

Oh god , that dentist is drilling that patient's teeth or mouth or throat or bla bla bla.Either the dentist is an evil madman or he is trying to get something very powerful out of his mouth.Whatever it is the results would be UGLY and maybe disgusting , mostly disgusting lol.I don't like the dentist , I don't hate the person just that I hate what the person is going to do towards me.They have sharp objects and clinical smelly instruments , makes me nervous you know ?

I just got my teeth cleaned today ! A girl came to my class and told me to go to the Bilik Kesihatan , the nurse needs me there so that she could clean my teeth.I went through this process before during when I was Form 2 , they cleared the spaces between my tooths.It is not painful , rather discomfort.After the cleaning process , I found myself licking my teeth almost all the time ! I brush my teeth everyday , guess I wasn't trying hard enough haha.

To those who would like to know more about dental care , go to the link below.


Ops my pencil is broken , lets just hope so.


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