Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday The 23rd !!!

"Jason's Here"

23 July Friday - You know Friday the 13th , Friday the 23rd.Eh ? Get my joke ? No ? Never mind.

This Friday was a ride ! Lets start the story but reviewing this morning.When I got up , I thought it was 5am in the morning.I went to brush my teeth and wash my face.After that , I found out that it was 4am.So , I spent my time staring at my radioactive computer while feeling sleepy which is a common morning sleep inertia.I would like to share you this wonderful song , I found this a few months ago during morning.It is one of my fav songs among my collections , it is One Republic's Come Home.

I went to school later.After reaching school , I came upon the site where the headless cat died.It was days ago when the cat's corpse was still there.It had it's head during Monday but on Wednesday , it's head got destroyed into crumbles.It was disgusting and I can see it's inside which was kinda awesome now that I am thinking about it.Might be a forensic scientist , cutting dead bodies for good purposes.

During Chemistry class , me and my friends were talking about the Chinese Zodiac and Horoscopes.I am an Aries and I found out that Aries is really compatible with Sagittarius and Leo , too bad she isn't both of them.But this is just horoscope , you don't need to believe it and neither do it need to believe in you.My Chinese Zodiac is a dog obviously , almost everyone I know is a "dog".I am not calling them a dog , it's their Chinese Zodiac.The muslim students today have a Ceramah , I don't what it is about but I am pretty sure it is about their religion.We spent the 3rd and fourth period doing homeworks and looking at old photos that my friend brought to school today.The days when I was in primary were awesome.

The last period of the day , Moral.Me and my friend directed another drama , we created it in just 15 minutes.It has the reference of the story I wrote long ago , it's name is "Daddy".We got a good response from the audience from the class.Ron acted better than I expected , acting as the daddy.

Ops my pencil is broken , see ya.


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