Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday

"Laze Down"

18 July Sunday - Lazy Day

Even polar bears laze down during Sundays , no meat hunting for them today unless they are starving or what not.This Sunday is like almost every other Sunday in my life , lazy and boring day.Spent time watching television and homeworks , studying is a rarity during Sunday.I should eat sundaes during Sundays , fits the entourage don't you think ? 

Now this would be a pointless post , so you better leave now before the kick comes in and knock you down.Today , a friend came to visit me.We went to the cyber cafe below my condo to test out the games.We had a blast playing Company Of Heroes , but we always lost to the computer.They were always too fast for us to prepare a proper defense.They seem to have a tank in every single direction , our bases got destroyed not too soon after.We barely have any tanks in service by then , a big failure for us.

We went back home after two hours in the cyber cafe , we found ourselves laughing towards comedy films and funny videos on Youtube.We even watched Americas Got Talent , my friend is a fan of this show.He is supporting Future Funk , a dance group consisted of two little kids.One 5 and one 10 years old , they danced very well and they are champion worthy but theres another group called Fighting Gravity.That group has the potential too , so we gotta wait and see.

Ops my pencil is broken , sucky post haha.


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