Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup Finals / Singing Competition

"Why Microphone ?"

8 July Thursday - Netherlands VS Spain

Hey guys , hows it going ? My life is going quite fine lately , if you don't count having a stomachache during Wednesday.Lets talk about the World Cup first , looks like Paul The Octopus was right about Spain winning against Germany.It was a good match , the Germans played well and I find no grief to their lost.The Spanish were powerful and now they are going to face Netherlands in the final.Personally , Spain has the higher chance of winning the World Cup and take home the crown and glory.But we can't really tell , what if the Dutches win the World Cup ? You will never know , its like you will never know when your car might explode randomly.Germany will be facing Uruguay for 3rd place , Germany will win unless their morales are low after the last match against Spain.No more booger digging for Germany's coach I guess.

Yes , just like the topic has shown.There is currently a Chinese Singing Competition , assembled by the Chinese Academics Club of our school.Ron and Jessie enrolled for it and only Ron made it through the auditions , don't worry Jessie theres always next time.I was kinda surprised to know that Ron made it pass , right now he is complaining about the amount of things he gotta prepare.I took pictures of the auditions , but you could only see the contestants' body on the side.Because letting them know that I am taking pictures in front of them would stress them out.Instead , stealth picture taking is more advisable.I would upload the pictures tomorrow , maybe along with the video but I highly doubt it.Personally , I am supporting my brother's friend.He was my favorite and I am rooting for him now.

I just bought two new games , Singularity and Prince of Persia (The Forgotten Sands).I installed Prince of Persia and it was kinda good.I like how the handsome and charismatic prince runs on walls and swinging to pole by pole.I am currently playing it on Hard Mode because games like these usually are very easy to win during Normal or Easy Mode.So I find it funner when playing on Hard Mode , I hate how he fights though.I want super hack and slash like God of War or Dante's Inferno.But I do like the fact that I could reverse my mistakes by using a magical thingie.I haven't install Singularity yet but I heard it is kinda same as Bioshock which is my favorite game.I would try it maybe by Saturday or whenever.

Ops my pencil is broken , a little knack for knick.


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