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James Cameron's Avatar Movie Review

December 20th 2009 was the day me and my friends went to watch Avatar by James Cameron in KLCC's cinema.We were not watching the premiere and definitely not the 3D version because the 3D version was not available that day.I was really excited like a girl seeing one of the korean pop stars.This is a movie that sets James Cameron's imaginative world run wild , Titanic was also one of his masterpieces.Do not judge the movie until you watch it , it is truly remarkable and spectacular.

In AD 2154,[17] a human corporation mines Pandora, the lush, low gravity moon of Polyphemus, one of three gas giants that orbit Alpha Centauri A,[17] 4.4 light years from Earth. The humans seek to exploit Pandora's reserves of a precious mineral called unobtanium. Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), the head of the mining operation, employs former marines and soldiers as mercenaries.

Pandora is inhabited by an indigenous paleolithic species of sapient humanoids called the Na'vi. Standing nine feet (2.74 m) tall, with tails, bones reinforced with naturally occurring carbon fiber, and bioluminescent blue skin, the Na'vi live in harmony with the natural world, and are considered primitive by human standards. They worship a mother goddess called Eywa.

Humans are unable to breathe Pandora's atmosphere, which is rich in carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia,[18] and peaceful interaction with the Na'vi is difficult. Human researchers led by Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) create the Avatar Program, genetically engineering human-Na'vi hybrids. A human who shares genetic material with an avatar is mentally linked to it, allowing them to control it while their own body 'sleeps'. These avatars cost millions to produce and link, so gaining access to one is difficult. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a former Marine who was paralyzed below the waist in combat on Earth. His twin brother, Thomas, was a scientist working in the Avatar Program; when Thomas is killed, Jake takes his brother's place because he is compatible with his brother's avatar. Dr. Augustine is less than happy about Jake being there, as his brother had a doctorate and years of training to participate in the program. In contrast, Jake has no knowledge of Na'vi culture and has never used an avatar. The research team lets him go through with the program, having him act as security detail rather than a scientist.

Jake's first assignment is to escort Dr. Augustine and a biologist named Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore) through the hostile jungle. The group is attacked by a thanator, a large predator, and Jake becomes separated from the others, forcing them to leave him behind for the night. Jake attempts to survive in his avatar body, fending off dangerous creatures. This attracts the attention of a female Na'vi named Neytiri (Zoë Saldaña) who rescues Jake. Although, at first, she is troubled by Jake's recklessness, she sees a sign from Eywa when small, pure spiritual creatures are attracted to him. She takes him to the Na'vi Hometree, the spiritual and geographical home of her clan. The Na'vi decide to teach Jake about their culture.

Jake is ordered by Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) on a diplomatic mission to obtain the trust of the Na'vi clan and is given three months to convince them to abandon their Hometree, which sits above a large deposit of unobtanium. As Jake learns the way of the Na'vi, he gradually finds himself caught between the military-industrial forces of Earth and a newfound love for his adopted home and people. As part of the initiation into the tribe, Jake must tame a flying creature known as a Banshee, which he does successfully. While flying with Neytiri, they are attacked by a Toruk, a formidable and revered winged creature and the largest on Pandora. Neytiri explains that only five Na'vi have successfully tamed and bonded with the Toruk, only in times of great need, and that those who bond with it can unite all Na'vi clans and lead them into battle.

Jake is successfully initiated into the tribe after passing the Omaticaya rites of passage to become a Man. Neytiri and Jake choose each other as mates, much to the jealousy of Tsu'Tey (Laz Alonso), heir to the chieftainship of the tribe who was originally chosen as Neytiri's mate. Jake keeps silent on the human's plans to use force if the Na'vi will not leave peacefully, but when the deadline runs out, a bulldozing machine comes to begin destruction and almost kills Jake and Neytiri. He saves them both by destroying the camera and remote control signals on the machine. After confirming his identity and betrayal using the camera footage, Quaritch rips Jake from his avatar mid-transmission. Jake asks for more time to convince the Na'vi to leave, but Quaritch reveals a vlog where Jake says that the Na'vi will never leave, and Selfridge orders an assault on Hometree.

Jake pleads for another chance to convince them to leave and is given one hour by Selfridge. When he reveals his mission to the Na'vi, they feel betrayed by him and they leave him for dead when the hour runs out. The human forces arrive and destroy the Hometree resulting in the death of Eytucan (Wes Studi), the tribe's chief and Neytiri's father. Jake and his compatriots are forcibly disconnected from their avatar interfaces and detained to prevent further betrayal. Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez), one of the pilots who is disgusted by the violence, breaks the prisoners out, but Grace is critically shot and wounded by Quaritch during the escape. Deciding there is only one way that the Na'vi will listen to him, Jake tames the Toruk, earning back the respect of the Na'vi. He pleads with Mo'at (C. C. H. Pounder), the spiritual leader of the Na'vi, to heal Grace with the help of Eywa. They attempt to transplant her soul into her avatar at the Tree of Souls. Grace dies from her injuries, but shortly before death, reports that she sees the goddess, Eywa, and that she is real.

Jake stirs the Na'vi to war with the assistance of Neytiri and Tsu'Tey, now the newly appointed chief of the clan. Jake assembles thousands of Na'vi from other tribes to battle the human forces. Colonel Quaritch, seeing that the Na'vi are growing in numbers, orders a preemptive attack to destroy the Tree of Souls, the center of Na'vi religion and culture. If the humans destroy it the Na'vi will be too demoralized to resist their conquest of Pandora. Jake goes to the Tree of Souls and prays to Eywa to intercede on behalf of the Na'vi in the battle, despite Neytiri's insistence that Eywa usually remains neutral.

As the battle begins, the Na'vi put up a formidable defense under Jake's leadership, but take heavy casualties, including Tsu'Tey, Trudy, and Norm's avatar. When all hope seems lost, the Pandoran wildlife suddenly launch a mass attack, overwhelming the humans. Neytiri interprets this as Eywa answering Jake's prayer. Colonel Quaritch orders the Tree of Souls bombed, but Jake destroys the bombing shuttle before the explosive is launched.

Quaritch's gunship is destroyed, but he manages to escape in his AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suit. As he proceeds to the Tree of Souls in order to destroy it, he finds the Avatar interface field pod Jake's compatriots had moved and decides to assault it to kill the human Jake. Neytiri, who was riding on a Thanator and Jake's avatar arrive to defeat him, but not before the pod sustains serious damage, exposing Jake to Pandora's toxic atmosphere. Neytiri kills Quaritch and saves Jake, seeing his human form for the first time. They then express their love for each other.

Defeated, the humans are forced to leave Pandora, while Jake and his friends are allowed to remain. As the humans leave, Jake is seen wearing the insignia of the Omaticaya clan leader. The film ends with Jake's soul being transplanted from his human body to his Na'vi avatar at the Tree of Souls; his breathing mask is removed from his human body, indicating that the action is a permanent transfer of his consciousness.

Nice Things In The Movie -
Visual Effects
The visual effects are stunning and beautiful , it shows that the world of Pandora has it's dangers and beauty.Plants and insects glowing in the nights and clear blue water streaming through the river.Predatory animals that controls the balance of the food chain.Spiritual trees with myths beyond thousands of years.Ok enough , its just that the Graphics and CGI are AMAZING.

Good Storyline
Unlike Transformers 2 and other bad parodies or sequels.Avatar has a good storyline with character development.A must watch story.

Fantastic Flora and Fauna

Creatures and plants of Pandora are strange yet seems to pull you in to live with them forever and avoiding the pollutions of Earth.

Positive Religion
The Navi's Religion is pure and cleansing.They believe that everything has a life and they could bond with them.YEAH no cults.

and many many more

Flaws of the movie -
Not much flaws to talk about , dialouges stink sometimes but still good.

I GAVE IT A 10/10 xD Seriously you must watch this show , very very nice.

This is the only movie that could beat Transformers 2 Fanboy fave this year in 2009 and it will be the best of 20009 or maybe the DECADE.

Ops my pencil is broken - Cheers


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