Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Recall

Here I am eating spaghetti and meatballs while writing this blog just trying to recall what I done in my holidays.This school holiday is a fun experience , finally get to go parties haha.But not all things could last forever though ... well you may say love could last forever lol.

What did I do in my holidays ? Definitely not goofing around and sleep on my bed sheet all day long like a retard.Heres the list of things I done in my holidays , I just love to make lists.

1.Only sleep for 6 hours each day , most people sleep to no end during holidays but I only sleep for 6 hours each day because time is precious and I am not gonna waste it all and sleep all day.If I sleep 6 hours each day then I got another 18 hours to do what I wanted to do.But time sure flies when you having FUN ==

2.I finally got time to draw manga since during my study days , I don't have time to tinker around and draw mangas.I also got time to write stories URA !!!

3.I never travel in this holiday though , but I did climb or walk up mountains and taste the fresh air of the mountains.

4.Play video games without my mom saying "PMR IS COMING !!!" ^_^

5.Read alot of manga and watched alot of anime cause I am bored =_=

6.Learn how to open my CPU and actually repair it without going to PC repair shops.

7.Ate alot of fish !!!

8.I am invited to parties , I am so touched T_T

9.Made a gallery of video games I have and teddy bears I own.

10.Spring cleaned my room !!!

11.Downloaded tons of music from the internet.

12.Finally learn how to butterfly swim !!!

13.Got fatter =.=

14.Social circle got wider than before

15.Found a job from a video game store but declined it LOL

Hmm I think thats about it , sorry I can't write much since I am too excited about Jay Ming's New Year Countdown tomorrow.If you don't know who is he then you should know , hes a great guy.

Ops my pencil is broken , COLD HARD CASH

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