Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going Back

I remember the time when I was primary school I keep on drawing comics or manga just to fill in the boring times during school.But after I graduated from Standard 6 , I started to slowly slowly forgot about drawing and started to laze off.But this holiday , because of the boredom I started to go back to my old self again and started drawing comics.

I first started drawing comics during I was at primary school , I saw one of my friends named Yap Wai Chow drawing comics since he is a major anime fan and what nots that are related to Japan.I asked him what is he doing and he replied me that he is drawing comics to pass the time and he is trying to make his comic the famous.He pestered me to help him draw and become his partner , so I helped him.

After a month of helping , I told him I want to quit and make my own comic.He agreed and told me to be his partner but not helping him draw his comic but drawing comic together.We started to draw alot and we drew comics for 2 years together and when I reached standard 6 , Chong Han Xien started to join us drawing comics.He said he wanted to draw too and pass free time.And the three man team started to be formed.

I created three comics during my primary time , they are 小明漫畫 , Clam Boy and Pokepet.Xiao Ming Man Hua was a combination of Dragon Ball and During Princess , its about a prodigy boy trying to find all legendary magic balls that contain magics that could destroy the world if the magics are fallen into the wrong hand.It was my longest comic and my most proud one.Clam Boy is two short chapters about a Clam trying to get along with a fish.Pokepet was influenced by Pokemon , obvious right ? I created 151 pokepets in a big paper.But I never completed this series.My drawings during those times are childish and humans have no necks.HAHA

My new comic is Choice , a story about a boy monk who was bored of the real world.He was once an adventurer's son , his father taught him alot during the time they traveled.But an incident happened and the boy ended up being a boy monk in a temple.He is a stubborn fellow who does not give up easily , he has hair but he lied the monk that he has a scar on his and covered it with a bandana.He does not wish to shave all his hair so he covered up his head with a bandana.I can't say more since I would spoil you guys.I would post my comic in Facebook everytime I finished a chapter.

Ops , My pencil is broken !!!! DRAW


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