Monday, December 21, 2009

Chong Han Xien's Open House Party

December 19th was the day I went to my friend's open house party ,I was always waiting for this day before it even started.When me and my dad arrived at his neighbourhood and we are awed by the big houses and exquisite designs.The only bad side is , theres a plot of forests behind the neighbourhood.Bugs could easily go inside your house without noticing.

When I found his house , I was found standing infront of alot of people hogging the buffet and chatting loudly.I was clueless of the whereabouts of my friends , luckily my friend's father found me and told me they were upstairs.

I walked through the living room and its much prettier than the exterior.Its just like any other fancy houses , good furniture and great lighting.But the whole house is almost in white haha , good idea if you ask me.When I arrived at the second floor I was greeted by my friends but I think I just rudely ignored them +_+ , since I am shy.SORRY !!! oh and I gave Jay Ming a copy of my MapleStory file.

There are 6 friends attended the party ,Me , Lim Jay Ming , Tan Jun Liang , Ng Jia Cheng , Lim Hsin Jie and Yeong Rui Zhen.Tan Jun Liang was once a student in my school but he was tranferred to another school because his house is much much nearby.After a few minutes , we went down and eat dinner from the buffet but the food aren't my type.Most of the foods are malay foods , those all spicy kinds.I found a table and we ended up sitting together at the same table.We chatted blah blah blah , lol nothing much.

We went up to Han Xien's room and some of us ended up lying down on the Han Xien's bed.I was not the first xD , I asked my friend "Hey you won't feel rude ?".But I still ended up lying down on his bed.Its sooo comfortable , its like I am lying down on a cloud while its winter since the air conditioner is damn cold.

After a few minutes , we started a photo montage.Taking photos and whatnot with handphones and cameras.The last photo was a gathering photo , I posed as a meditating spiritual leader XD.After the photo montage my friends were playing gamble with cards while I read Doraemon Comics LOL.I dont know how to gamble so I stayed out of it.Oh and we never use Money !!!

After gambling with cards (WITHOUT USING MONEY) , Han Xien invited us to play WII.This is my second time playing WII and I lost to Jun Liang and Han Xien badly.Looks like I better stick to mouse and keyboard haha.We played Super Mario Kart and WII Badminton.Fun times fun times.Oh and a little girl bumped into me cause I blocked her way haha.

Its time for Han Xien's relatives to play WII so we went back to Han Xien's room and we were very thirsty.I volunteered to grab some drinks so they ordered me to get 3 cans of Carlsberg and two cans of 100 Plus.When I arrived at the kitchen , I found none 100 Plus so I substituted it with Coke and my friends are fine with it.

Its almost time to leave , I called my dad to fetch me and Jun Liang home.Before we leave , we went down to the living room to eat some leftovers xD.Me and Rui Zhen finished the cold satays along with the cucumber slices around the satay.I hate the onions blek.Jia Cheng ate the yellow rice but never finished it LOL.I found some masks on the table and played with it xD.

Atlas , its time for me fare thee well , I went home with Jun Liang by my side and greeted goodbye to Han Xien and the others.

Ops , My pencil is broken - Goodnight everybody


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