Sunday, December 27, 2009

Night Talks - Own Made Story

Oh god , I feel like those guys in the mediacore trying to advertise their stupid ads as I am advertising my stupid novel haha.Hey guys , nothing special today so I am gonna write random topics again.Oh I put a new song in this main blog , it is an OST from a video game I own and it is wonderful don't you agree ? It is a folklore song , very nice.

Oh I almost forgot , I made a new story for you guys to read and it's going to have alot of chapters.I TRIED to make it shorter as I am getting feedbacks from my friends saying the story is too long and they lazy read haha so I am gonna try to make it much shorter and less complex vocabs so you guys could understand.

The novel version of my story is actually more light depth and mystical type of story.While the comic version would be more comedic kind of genre.A girl that could summon a giant teddy bear through her necklace and a boy who is a monk but tricked the monk that he is bald by wearing a bandana , these two are my main characters.Drawings of them would be available anytime soon :(

My chapter 1 has been released and it received some good feedbacks so please try to read it.Every writer or author likes people to read the stories they made , we are expressing ourselves through writtings so gambateh XD.

BORING POST +_+ , ohya my internet gone weird , usually the loading time of me going in a net is about 1 second but it turned to minutes.=_=

Ops my pencil is broken , Heres the link the my story -


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