Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing Video Games ... Good or BAD ?

Ever since the day video games existed , millions of people around the world loved them.But now , video games became addicting and costly.Sure there are free flash games but they are not addicting , I am talking about the ones that need a powerful computer in order to play it and those games that play on PS 3 and Xbox360.Those are the real addicting ones.Online games may seem free but you will need money to upgrade yourself soon.Let's talk about the good side and the bad side k ?


1.Most people play video games because they need to find their true talent.I met a guy once who was very handsome during primary school but when he reached secondary school he changed.He is now obsessed with games and can't go away without them , even shopping outside he would bring a PSP or a NDS to play with it.Imagine if he had a girlfriend.But he always said to me "I was a very useless guy , I am weak in everything.I am good in studies but thats not enough , I gotta find my true talent.I play video games because I am really good at them , I don't care what anyone says."The things he said was true though , he won alot of tournaments and already won almost RM10000 this year.

2.Some games are inspirational and dramatic.Most artist or directors get their best ideas from video games too.This is also a reason why I play video games , to learn more English and to learn how to sculpt a story.My mom always said "Son , why do you like to play video games ?" I always said "It gives me Inspiration".Video games are not things that only focus on VIOLENCE or GUN SHOOTING.I play games that have a great stories and well developed characters.These games are mostly for 20 years old and above but I play them since they have longer dialogs and mature stories , not like other games that are "I SHOOT YOU , YOU SHOOT ME" lame .

3.It gives you something to do when you have free time and not just lying down on your bed sheet and roll over like an idiot.I am in my school holidays now and I have seen 90% of my friends finding jobs or trying to find some event to go like parties , concerts etc.But most of them ended up not finding a job and going to events , instead they mop around.Video games give you challenges in life , it gives you something to do rather then mourning all day long.I research this by looking at friend's status on Facebook.

4.It makes you know your computer well.In Malaysia , many people's computers are not fit for gaming or maybe even surfing the net.When you wanted to play a PC game , you will check for the game's system requirement and when you know that your computer does not have the specs to play them then you would understand your computer.Computers are like people too , they don't do well without good equipments and will slow down in the matter of years.I am very careful of my computer , if somethings wrong I am gonna fix it.

These are the good sides I can think of


1.IF YOU ARE ADDICTED , YOU HAVE NO LIFE.Its true !!! During secondary year 1 , I was addicted to video games.This is common to people who just started to play video games , they would have no self control and keep pressing your face against the screen.I call this the "Addiction Period" , video games are not like smoking.Once you started to smoke you get a little bit of addiction but you can still fight it off but it won't work if you smoke for a long time.But video games , they are different.You will straight away get addicted if you are playing a very interesting game and its hard to fight off without people to help you unless you got a strong mind.During the Addiction Period , I dont go shopping , I dont go parties , I dont go ANYWHERE.Only staring at my computer hours after hours in a dark room all alone.
People usually shunned me away especially girls and that time I tried to fight it off.after months of cold hard battles , I finally got out of hell holes.I managed to balance life and video games.

2.People would call you ... NERD.People with uncountable knowledge of sci-fi and computers are called nerds.In Malaysia , people seldom being called as nerds.Japan has a different view though , they call nerds Otakus.Nerd are not bad , they bring technologies to us and without them we would be still living in the stone age.Take Bill Gates for an instance , without him would you have microsoft ? Don't call people nerds and you should respect them.I know their feelings , when they are called nerds they would feel alone and useless.Don't ever do that to them ...

3.Funds are WOAH.Seriously , you gotta waste alot of money just to upgrade your computer or buy consoles.Each games are expensive too since they were imported from America or China.Prepaid cards used in Online games are expensive too.

4.You lost focus on your studies.when I was in Secondary Year one , I lost interests in my studies and ended up dropping class the next year.But after I got out of the addiction period , I managed to improved my overall studies.Es became Bs and Ds became As.Lost focus on your studies could be a very very bad thing , you would have a bad future or worst ... people look down on you.

These are all the bad things and good things I can think of.SO is playing video games good or bad ? Write in the comments or the chatbox , I want to know your opinions.



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