Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yeong Rui Zhen's Christmas Party

26th December 2009 - I went to Yeong Rui Zhen's Christmas party after being invited during the results day.The funny thing is i was the ONLY one attending her party out of all of her friends.I was shocked as the Jun Liang called off the invitation but that didn't stop me.I can't even believe that all of her friends suddenly no time to come , coincidence or not ?

Well theres actually one guy would come but he thinks that the party is on Monday ... lol you Lawrence xD.Well the first thing I do when I arrived at her party was sitting on the a couch and look around xD.I accidentally called her sister "auntie" as I was confused her as Rui Zhen's mother =_= , I think I upset her.Help me say sorry to her if you are reading this Rui Zhen.

At first if was just some of her sister's friends in the party then suddenly waves after waves of people came in after a few minutes and all of them are Ruizhen's sister's and brother's friends !!! OMG !!! Poor Rui Zhen :( . Dinner was great though , I ate alot of Satays and Shiskebabs.Oh and Kentucky Fried Chicken but I never eat it XD.

After eating , I told Ruizhen to open the Christmas present I gave her.It was doll of a sheep , I can't find any better ones so I gave mine.It is very fluffy and warm , perfect for hugging.I drew some handdrawn sheeps on a piece of paper lol.Most of them sucked XD.After that , we just chatted about random topics.

After a while , Rui Zhen told me to use her computer as the games she prepared won't fit for two persons.I surfed a few webs and read abit of mangas.Suddenly , her father wanted to use her computer to watch football through PPstream.Rui Zhen has two computers , I was using the second computer and she was using the first computer.Her father wanted to use the first computer.I insisted her to use the computer I was using but she denied a few times but finally I convinced her.

Rui Zhen's brother's friends are all hardcore football fans , theres alot of shouting and cheering lol.I don't know why football is so intresting , its boring and I am a boy :D.If you know why is it so interesting please tell me in the comments.Me and Rui Zhen played alot of flash games but we ended up addicted to a spelling game , all the questions in this game were the same.But some of the questions were impossible to solve.

It was 11.30PM and I went home while saying goodbye.Ohya , I was the only one wearing a santa claus hat !!! xD I thought there will be alot ... Oh and those who did not come to her party please explain yourselves xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , Another pencil broken - I had lots of fun don't you worry , I am not bored.


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