Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hey it's Christmas everybody , and you know what that means.Its time for a big celebration and some roast suckling pigs.Christmas is my favourite festival of all festivals even though I am not christian.The reason why I like Christmas is because it gives you a snowing feeling that I like very much , and I also like the Christmas's feast !!! The decorations are much more prettier and colourful.Whats best of all is the spirit of Christmas , you do not need decorations or carol to have Christmas but most importantly you must have the Christmas Spirit.Going back to your hometown and visit your parents or relatives , just having fun in front of the fire while drinking hot chocolate ...

Well you may now noticed I just put a Christmas song on my blog.I was wanting to change my layout to a new Christmas theme layout but I got too much gadgets to put back if I really changed it.Well I have a Christmas short story for you guys , hope you guys would enjoy it.

Every year theres Christmas , families would enjoy themselves with their own relatives in their own warm home with a Christmas tree in the living room.But allot of people can't do this ...

In the year 2008 , the US war against Iraq has gotten alot of more worse.Alot of personnel from US died from nuclear bombs being used by the Iraq insurgents.After a few months , the president of US announced that he started to use his every effort to end this war and most importantly before Christmas.

Somewhere in Seattle , a old woman named Tina is sitting in front of her phone listening to the recording sent by his son named Josh.Josh was a soldier fighting in the Iraq war , every year he never ever celebrate Christmas with his mom.It would just be the same thing over and over again "I going to a friend's party mom sorry" or "I got work to do mom sorry".Tina was always alone while celebrating christmas , she gotten alot of presents from Josh but she don't want those presents at the first place.All she want is to celebrate Christmas with her one and only son.

Two weeks before Christmas , Josh single handed destroyed a whole base of equipment by the Iraq Insurgents.He was later promoted into the special forces unit the Task Force 141.He was later sent into a mission to assinate one of the Iraq Insurgents' leaders.It was tough but not for the Task Force 141...

One night , as Josh and his partner were camping near the location of operation.They talked about Christmas , his partner named Parker was eagerer to go back home and celebrate with his family.After hearing Parker talking about how fun Christmas is when celebrating with families , Josh remembered that he never ever celebrated christmas with his mom before since 5 years old...30 years of not celebrating Christmas with his mother.He promised to celebrate with her this time.

The day before Christmas , he and his partner successfully assasinated the leader but were chased down by the Iraq Insurgents.They were pinned down in the forests and can't get out until reinforcements set in.But the reinforcements can only arrive the day after Christmas , Josh and Parker were desperate and tired.Christmas day ... the Iraq Insurgents dropped a napalm bomb in the forests and burned Josh and Parker alive.Before he died , he told the Colonel to take his audio logs hidden under the dirt nearby him.

Back in Seattle , Tina was sitting infront of the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate while rocking on her favourite nicely carved chair.Suddenly , she saw a picture of her son celebrating Christmas dropped down from the shelf and broke.As she was about to pick it up , the doorbell ringed.She opened the door and was shocked to see the colonel commanding the Task Force 141 telling her the bad news.The colonel said "Your son died on service for the army of the country madam , I am sorry...He wanted you to have these recordings...Merry Christmas." Then he walked away to his car and drove off.

"Audio Log 413 - Date 24 December 2008 - Hey mom it's me Josh , I just wanted to tell you that its been long time no I mean long years since I celebrated Christmas with you.Well...thats gonna change now , I will be there with you during Christmas mom I promise.Once this mission is over , I will be there to celebrate Christmas with you.You have my word."

"Audio Log 414 - Date 25 December 2008 - Hi mom , I am sorry that I can't come.The flight been canceled but I will still celebrate Christmas with you mom , lets sing a song together mom.We wish you have a merry Christmas , we wish you have a merry Christmas and have a happy new year.Hahaha [Bomb Sound] .....[Static]."

Tina tried not to cry ... but she can't.She cried alot while holding the picture of her son ... celebrating Christmas and hugging his mom tightly...At last , Tina finally got a chance to celebrate Christmas even though he got a little bit late.

by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

I hope you enjoy the story and have a happy new year. :D

Ops my pencil is broken , SNOW


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