Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Reasons Why You Must Learn How to Swim

70% above of the Earth is covered with water or H2O.Even until now , scientists only explored not even a quarter of the sea.Different species of marine animals are waiting to be found.

I love swimming , its great for the body and its the only sport that I am actually good in.(4 years ago) I always wonder why my mom taught me to swim , my mom hired a swim teacher and taught me everything I know.But I am only 90% done of my lesson , the teacher moved so I ended up trying to figure out the Butterfly Move.By that time , I am always wondering why did my mom wanted me to learn how to swim.One month later , my father bringed me to Pulau Redang.I was gonna swim in the middle of the deep blue sea ~ Well not that deep actually , its like double the height of my actual swimming pool.I figured that I would drown but I didn't , Hooray XD.I am actually swimming in the middle of the ocean , I was like "WOAH" back then xD.But my mom can't swim , so thats the reason why she wanted us to swim.In case of an emergency or travel.

Well I never said that swimming is actually necessary but its good so you gotta try it out.By swimming I mean moving through the water without your feet touching the cold ground not just dipping in the pool and play dead.But heres the reasons why we gotta learn how to swim.

1.In case you are in the middle of the ocean and its an emergency like a boat crashed or plane crased.You could float on the water to wait for rescuers or swim to a nearby island and dance with the locals.Just make sure the jellyfishes and sharks don't get you.

2.2012 is coming , I don't believe it but this is for the nutsie dasies people out there.The ice would melt and the world would be covered with water so with swimming abilities you can survive much longer ...

3.You won't get embarass and you can impress the ladies or girls or old women...(Cough Cough).Old man swimming to impress old women ... wow

4.Skinny deeping !!! lol I was just joking , nobody would do that I think...

5.When someone is drowning and needs your help.You could dive in and save him or her , this usually starts a romance scene XD.

Well these are the reasons why we gotta learn how to swim.Salty water...

Ops my pencil is broken - Freaking conditioner where are you ?


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