Thursday, December 24, 2009

PMR Exam Results (REPORTED)

Hey guys guess what ? I got my PMR results but I never get the paper slip since the teacher said I forgot to pay the class fee and only next year she give me only I pay her back =_= lame huh ? By the way , heres my bad results.(Should had focus on other subjects too)

English A (xD)
Math A (YEAH)
Science A (YEAH)
Geografi B (Dam one more correct I get A T_T)
Sejarah C (MY weakest subject)
KH B (lol I don't really care this subject)
BM B (wow my BM got B 0_0)

I am 80% satisfy with my results since I scored A in the subjects that I wanted to get As.20% unsatisfied because of the freaking Geografi almost A.Sejarah I before PMR already knew won't get a B or A.KH I don't care xD , BM I really shocked I got a B LOL.The Paper 1 of BM is damn hella hard.Looks like my Karangan saved my life =D.URA

Today 9.30am , I went to school to get results of PMR and I was really shaken and excited to get my results.I was not the only one though , alot of people felt the same way.They say 10am can get results is a blasphemy , we waited until around 12pm only let us see results.Damn slow man ~ Other schools got their results before us.

After knowing our results , I followed a bunch of friends to a local cafe called Homecafe or isit Towncafe forgot....You know teenagers , once they got away from their stress they will get HIGH.We ordered foods and after we finished we played a block tower game forgot what name.You must slowly take out each block and never let it fall down EVER.IF you do , you get punished by TRUTH OR DARE muahahahaha.I ended up making the tower fell and I done a Michael Jackson dance.(Put your hand under the part and twist your body up and down).After alot of rounds , here are the results on how many times the tower fell.

Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee - 2 times ==
Chong Han Xien - 1 Time
Jessie Ng Jia Cheng - None
Lim Jay Ming - 1 time
Lim Hsin Jie - 1 time
Sherilyn Jun - 1 time
Ron Chi Qi Wynn - 1 time

Wow I am one unlucky fellow =_=.

Ohya ,the people I know who got straight As are Lim Jay Ming , Jessie Ng Jia Cheng , Ron Chi Qi Wynn and Teoh Kee Zhuan.Others forgot...Oh before I stop writting , I am honoured to meet a fellow dedicated blog writer in person. (Sherilyn Jun)



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