Friday, December 4, 2009

Like a Moth to a Flame

Ever seen a moth ? Ever seen a flame ? Then ever seen a moth to a flame ? Moths are like butterflies but they are more ugly and most come out at night time in search of food and most importantly LIGHT.They like no LOVE lights , don't know why.I never actually know why they like light maybe I should google it.

Ok , this is not a documentary about moths !!! I wrote this because I seen alot of moths recently , almost everyday , maybe its moth season hmmmm...Anyways , I seen alot of moths recently.One time when I was about to go out in the morning , when I open the door I saw one moth nestling in of my shoes.ITS VERY BIG , kinda looks like a monster lol.The next thing I remember is kicking the shoe and the moth flew over me and escaped.When it was gone , I found some powder on my hair and if was the moth was spraying or dropping powder or shit... lol

I only seen once a moth in broad daylight.When I was helping my friends painting the wall at the entrance of the school , one part of us went to wash the brushes and I followed as I wanted to rest and sit down.We saw a moth and it was in the ditch we use to wash the brush , no we did not use the ditch's water we use the hose nearby.The moth was inside the ditch as it was sleeping or resting.One my friends shoot water on it and it started to fly away.WOW , its wings are waterproof ? Anyway , Lets sue my friend for moth abuse xD just kidding.

Ops , My PENCIL IS BROKEN - NO MORE MOTHS PLEASE , they freak me out...sometimes....


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