Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow Wow Wee Wow Wow

"Borat ?"

25 August Wednesday - Wow !!!

Today , I went to Shawn's house just to do some last configurations on our Biology presentation.We done the presentation this morning in class but my teacher asked us to do it again for our principal next week.We done a great job presenting today as said by my teacher , but to me it is not enough.I feel something lacking.When I was in Shawn's house.Shawn's friend came and even brought along his girlfriend , I was surprised to see him taking his girlfriend along.

Hey guys I want to give you see this trailer , it is a trailer of a documentary.A very good documentary , it is more of a movie rather than a documentary.I love it and it is about one of my favorite marine animals , DOLPHINS.I love dolphins , they are so cute and super smart.They are the closest thing to intelligence , they have self awareness.They are awesome and special animals of the world.

The documentary is about the dolphins being killed by the Japanese in a small town.The massacre has caught the attention of Rick O Barry , a world famous dolphin trainer and activist against whaling.He formed a team of elites just to expose the world of this uncomfortable secret.

This documentary is mind blowing , please do try to grab your hand on it.

Oh and Miss Mexico won Miss Universe !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , dolphins :D


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