Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starcraft Madness

"Shoot The Zergs !"

14 August Saturday - Saturday !

Its Saturday and what better way to celebrate Saturday ? Well it is to have fun but I did not have much fun in the beginning of day.I was lazing around during the morning and the afternoon , after all that studying , I just want to relax thats all.What surprised me was that I got 84 for my BM , thats a rarity in my league.I rarely get an A in my BM , thats because my BM level is that of a primary student.Sucks to be an outcast of this civilization.

In the afternoon , I took a little of my time to finish my little story named "Little Knight Boy".It is a very simple tale of a boy saving his grandfather.Things only started to get fun when I bought back a new game , Starcraft 2.We all know Starcraft ! If you don't know then you are living in a well or just uninterested in the gaming world.I had tons of fun playing Starcraft 2 , really lightened up my mood for today.

The storyline of the game is awesome and the way the game plays changed dramatically , it is just too awesome to describe.I think the best way to describe is that of "1000 X Awesome".But I got trouble in the graphics . I can't max out the graphics setting of this game.I need a new graphic card because games are becoming more and more demanding of a better system.Anyways , you guys must have Starcraft 2.If you need additional information regarding to this game then go to these links ~

Heres a trailer ~  

Ops my pencil is broken , SHOOT.


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