Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sleeping Friday Off


21 August Saturday - Cat sleeping

Hello Saturdayneers , don't know if that word is in the dictionary.Probably not since it is in "Improvised English".Yesterday was Friday and I almost slept through the whole day.When I came back from school , I don't know what to do.Then I remembered what my friend told me that I could regain my energy by sleeping.But I rarely could sleep during the afternoons but I still gave it a try.In my surprise , I felt asleep.I slept from 1.30pm to 8pm !!! It is quite an achievement for me , I can't even remember when I slept that long.

This is not the end.During 10pm , I slept again ! I slept until the next day.Now I am here , writing my blog in extreme boredom.Did I really lost that much energy this week ? Or is it just my lazy bone working by that time.I don't know and you don't know then...lets all don't know.Yes , case close.

"Moving and Packing"

Now I don't know if my sources are correct or not because I hate to give out wrong informations.But I received news that the last of the US Army has moved out of Iraq or maybe almost.But things in Iraq are not that milk and honey right now.

The legacy of the war still lingers around the country.Destroyed infrastructures and gun holes are still everywhere.The people living in the country is trying to repair and restore what they have lost.But recent incidents have caught my eyes.Families in Iraq are experiencing deformities among their new born babies and children.Cancer rates are becoming more and more higher.I learned from my Biology lessons in school that radiation causes cancer.

It is heartbreaking to see those children deformed.Their parents are perfectly healthy.Hospitals in Iraq are struggling to find out what really made these things to happen.Maybe it is radioactive particles spread by the bullets or bombs or uranium.Here is a video of the documentary about this incident.(Note : I am not trashtalking the country , I am just spreading awareness and just telling news.)  [ Deadly Legacy - Iraq] By Journeyman Pictures

"Oh Look , A Smiley Face :)"

Yes it is Sudden Attack and this game has made quite an accomplishment recently.It is quite popular in Korea  , Malaysia and Singapore.Boys in my school would either talk about Money King , Dota or Sudden Attack.There is even a handful of videos regarding towards Sudden Attack , even tournaments are being held.

Two new maps just came and I just reviewed through them.The first map is Death Market , it has a new mode of it's own called Touchdown.It is a fun map and a fun mode to play with , the name of the mode explains itself.You just gotta get to the other enemy base.The second new map , Stone Castle.It is a Team Deathmatch Map.I don't like this map because I don't like the design.Just don't feel like playing while playing this map.

Ops my pencil is broken , hmm...


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