Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PMR Percubaan Tomorrow

"Study Hard Guys"

18 August Wednesday - Good Luck Guys

Tomorrow's PMR Percubaan for the Form 3 Students , for that I wish you guys the up most of all luck.It is a tough environment to work in so please be prepared for tomorrow.Gather your weapons and strengthen your mind for the battle.But try not to provide yourself with pressure , yes , pressure does help but too much pressure just makes you go downhill.Heres some tips for you guys , not sure if they would help you :

1.Sleep Early unless you took a long nap in the afternoon.
2.Eat some nutritious fruits before an exam , it would keep your mind focus on your paper.
3.Drink alot of water , it provides oxygen.
4.Calm down during the exam , take a break once in a while.

"Dry as dry possible"

Today was a great day if you count out the low Sejarah marks.During Bio class , we found out that the big metal case thingie in the corner of the lab is actually an oven.I never seen such an oven before , I think it is a lab oven.It has a special casing that most other ovens do not have.We used it to heat the plants we plucked out of the garden.It is for the experiment regarding towards intraspecies and interspecies.It is not done yet so we gotta wait until tomorrow.

"Freaking Scary ... well for me"

Today , a what what -logist came in our class and told us to cooperate with her for her project.Wait , let me check Google.Oh she is an Orthodontist , dentist that specializes in Malocclusions.They provide treatment of irregular formation of teeth.You know , those dentists that give you braces which are scary for me.Some friends told me get braces but I don't wanna.Main reason is that I am afraid and I find irregular teeth to be sometimes cute and interesting.I am just finding excuses haha , man I am a puss.

Ops my pencil is broken , see you next time peeps or poops or paaps , huh ?


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