Friday, August 13, 2010

End of the August Test


13 August Friday - Duck and Cover.

Thursday was hell for me T_T . I am so gonna fail my Chemistry , unless some freaking miracle happens like a messiah appears out of nowhere and gave me extraordinary luck !!! Then BAM , instant 100 marks for my Chemistry but nah that won't happen or would it ?

Anyways , I am going to fail my Chemistry mainly because I don't know how to answer the subjectives ! I am very weak in Chemistry , it is the hardest subject in Form 4 in my opinion.Physics ain't that hard , it is a matter of common sense.Chemistry is damn complex and confusing , Physics can't even come close to match it.Biology was "okok" , I don't have much trouble answering those questions.The Meiosis questions were really confusing though.

Today , I took Add Maths.The day before I took Add Maths , I indulged myself into hard like hell questions.But to my freaking surprise , today's Add Maths test was EASY.I can't believe my eyes , all my effort gone down the drain.Oh well , at least I learned alot during those practices haha.

Oh heres a video !!! Its about a lady ordering at McDonald's Drive Thru in America.By that time , McDonald was not selling nuggets.The lady in the car became furious about not having any nuggets and started to attack the worker.Heres the video.

Ops my pencil is broken , she is avoiding me.


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