Wednesday, August 11, 2010


"Ready !"

11 August Wednesday - Ramadan !!!

Hey guys , welcome to my blog again.Today is one tiring day but it would be celebrated by the Muslims as today is the beginning of Ramadan or Berpuasa.Ramadan is the ninth month of the islamic calender.It is the Islamic month of fastings , Muslims would prevent eating , drinking and sexual activities from dawn to dusk.It is to teach Muslims about humility , patience and spirituality.During Ramadan , Muslims would pray for past sins and refrain from doing any evil acts during this spiritual month.

Every morning , Muslims would wake up and perform fastings.They would gobble up everything before the hour starts , making sure that their tummy stay full for a long day.By Dusk , they would feast too and talk about their day.I could picture them laughing and eating under the starry moonlight skies.Some might even forgot about Ramadan and accidentally ate during forbidden hours.It is said that those who observes Ramadan well enough would be forgiven of their past sins.

Today , I was having a combo of deadly subjects for exam.Math was good but I don't have much confidence for it again , it seems like I don't have confidence in my math answers all the time.Sejarah was OMG , I don't want to talk about it.Just that the unexpected became the expected.Physics was easy but the subjective questions were kinda hard , Pascal Principles anyone ? CHEMISTRY AND BIO TOMORROW , god bless me -_-.

Ops my pencil is broken , She is out there somewhere ...


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